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Hybrid Skin Video Taster

I’ve been working hard on so many things, my blog is feeling neglected. I’m expanding into videos and here is one of my first simple offerings using Magisto. It’s quite cool and has whet my appetite for more experimentation so watch this space.

I’d like for other women to experience the empowerment I felt whilst modelling for Adam. I feel so much more confident in my body now I can see it objectively. This has been a real trip. There will be more.

Thanks for watching and sharing!

By the way…the beautiful music is also by Adam White!


New Photographic Work: ‘Fugitive in The Woods’ by Adam White Photography and…me!

Hybrid Skinhybrid skin photo art by adam white photography hooded figure in the woods

Hybrid Skin is a collaborative Photo Art project between myself and my dear friend Adam, a brilliant photographer. For more of his work please go HERE

We had a lovely outing in the woods at the base of Hardy’s Monument in Dorset the other weekend where Adam captured me doing some interesting poses in a cloak.

Walking down the hill in the dappled light I felt like something out of Lord of The Rings. Somehow wearing a cloak felt very natural, like I was my own ancestor. Of course I believe that our cellular memory contains all the experiences of our ancient history. As an old friend of mine used to call it; DNA food.

This was a DNA experience for me.

a silhouette dances on the land with the moon in her hands
model: phoebe thomasson | photo art: adam white

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