Snapshot; End of 2016: Stream of Consciousness ‘Happenings’ Word List…

close up of a bryophyte a green moss type plant

So what has 2016 really been about for me? Here is a list which appears endless and in no particular order but will trigger memories as I write and re-read. Pushing boundaries and buttons; Dealing with old emotions and learning to let them go (Letting Go, by David R. Hawkins) Music revival, overcoming limitations, revealing … Continue reading Snapshot; End of 2016: Stream of Consciousness ‘Happenings’ Word List…

Art Shaman; In The Woods

It always amazes me how healing creative experiences can be. Once you have processed the shame and embarrassment of scaring passers by with your blacked out face, the thrill of the moment becomes more playful. 'Fuck It' is our profane mantra in these moments. I'm not being bad. Just playful, irreverent, goodly dangerous to the status quo of holding and fear.

Creative Surgery 101: Accepting & Learning About Our Creative Block

When blocked... ...carry on! But not at what you are blocked at! ..... do something different, get into a better feeling but allow the sense of being blocked to tell you, teach you, reach you... don't fight it... it may be that you are knackered and need to slow down and listen to your body; … Continue reading Creative Surgery 101: Accepting & Learning About Our Creative Block

Navigating Duality In this video I cover the following subjects: Challenging religious structure Approaching duality Letting go of crutches Taking responsibility The mind attic Emotion, Psyche, Shadow Wildish Self Dark Goddess Radical truisms Evolution of our psychology Labels & opposites Feelings Information overload Love & limerence Game changing relationships Narcissism Law of Attraction  

Hitting The Wall

Tonight I hit the wall. You know the one. The impenetrable bricks and mortar one, not the flimsy version that you can dissolve with a thought. No this is almost like hitting your mortality in the face. I had to have a crazy scribble on the paper then run off to the loo for a … Continue reading Hitting The Wall

what an artist does for you…

a red headed woman holds a seedling sprout and contemplates destiny

...we are arbiters of change and flying shamans, we are cosy in our bubbles where we see the cosmic dance played out before our inner retinas...

Before Infinity

Loopy fish in a square sea. Deviation is innovation I let go Ideas flow Unpredictable direction that I go Dripping paint is satisfying Yellow and black make a seaweed green like strands of bladder wrack the drips find their way down the texture of the canvas Day Three The layers of a painting are like … Continue reading Before Infinity