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Will You Be My Patron?

Hey There! Thanks for joining me again.


What is this Patreon thing all about?

Well basically it’s about making a living doing what I love, what I am called to do and never having to get external work again, unless I want to or it benefits what I am doing.

Patreon is about having the support of fans, directly to the artist in hard monetary form, as well as the always welcome appraisals and likes; and in return the artist provides exclusive reward content in the form of a ‘feed’ where news, work updates, blog posts, discussions and media content is posted, some of which is ‘paid for’ by you, the Patron.

For example, if I complete and release a painting I am really stoked with, I want to not only share it with you, or give you and insider view on it’s creation but to allow you to fund the continuous creation of further artworks. So instead of waiting for a ‘sale’ I can still get on with the work because the money is coming in from another source. Makes me a more consistent creator and my quality of work will inevitably increase.

You in the meantime get to see what goes on behind the scenes in the form of video blogs, work in progress pictures and get perks like art discounts, original sketches and paintings, depending on which bracket you are in; $1, $3, $5… per thing. It’s a workable prospect that brings creatives and supporters together!  

No Middle Man…!

Just you and I in an intimate tryst of creative delight…

For me, this is a genius idea because instead of having to rely on Art Galleries (not that I’ve anything against art galleries, per se, but its a real hassle putting on an exhibition, and then forfeiting up to 50% of your sales income!) I don’t think the gallery thing is a feasible option for me at the present moment anyway, because being a full time un-schooling mum in recovery from ME/CFS, and musician to boot, I’m a bit limited in time, attention and energy. You understand.

I digress.

Wouldn’t that be nice! You can help, for a small regular contribution you can make this real, and I can give you my art, my experience and my passion….

You see, I have a lot to learn already. I want to make video’s. I’m kind of started but there is much to learn.

I thought I could wait until I know more, but I thought I’d launch now and use the motivation to help me. It’s already working… it’s only taken me about a year of procrastinating to get this far, and I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer!

I’m excited and scared…. to hell with it… lets do this thing!



Art Shaman; In The Woods

We can get lost in the woods
just like we get lost in ourselves
in our thoughts of future
in our regrets of past
in our longings
in our desires
and the dysfunctions of life.

But if we stop
just long enough
to listen to the silence
we may hear the guiding spirit
the still small voice
gathering us
into it’s arms
waiting patiently in the moment

3rd Oct 2016


Yesterday was hard. Lots felt wrong. My friend Adam, didn’t feel like taking photos. We were all tired and slightly grumpy after another late Saturday of jamming excellent music. It was a glorious day; not to be missed and by four o’clock, I had rallied myself to capture the moment anyway, trusting that the spirit of kind positivity would bring us through.

We found a small camp in the woods and I set to painting my face with memories of my gigging days floating through. We got the last remaining rays of sunshine and I posed and made shapes in the shards of setting sunlight in the glade by the path. It somehow worked out, and then there is the uncanny sense, at least after the ‘event’ that everything went according to plan; as if you had one! The spontaneous plans are always the best!

It always amazes me how healing creative experiences can be. Once you have processed the shame and embarrassment of scaring passers by with your blacked out face, the thrill of the moment becomes more playful. ‘F**k It’ is our profane mantra in these moments. I’m not being bad. Just playful, irreverent, goodly dangerous to the status quo of holding and fear. The fear in our culture is all the more easy to see and feel when you are driving along looking like a coal miner back from work…. surreal!

Never mind the bollocks. The little shoot went well. I always have to overcome my fear of looking stupid or weird and I think it paid off in the end. I love the results and it illustrates the nature spirit of the woods as part of my Art Shaman theme of the present moment.
It’s all temporary anyway.

New Painting: “Boy”

This is a super quick fun piece done for my own pleasure (aren’t they all?). I love the wild energy and the colors represent the incredible creative energy around me at the moment during Dorset Art Weeks 2016 and the inspiration I’m feeling to get on my horse and ride off in all directions at once!

A new abstract for the collection. “Boy” £330

Buy this painting here www.ptartworks.com shipped within the UK or internationally by arrangement.

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Creative Surgery 101: Getting In The Zone…In a Hurry!

Welcome to my first Creative Surgery post!

Today’s question is relevant to seasoned professionals as well as aspiring creatives…listen up y’all…

“How do you get yourself into creative mode so to speak? It only happens sporadically for me; I don’t have the luxury of being able to create whenever I get the urge. I have specific time frames but I often find myself staring blankly until everything is blurry with not one idea in my head at all. How do you get past this?”

Thank you for your question Amy. Prepare to be shifted into a higher gear. Ready? Then we will begin…I will pull no punches so strike a pose and make like a rock….

Reg#1: Make Your Creative Life a Priority, Not A Luxury!

Firstly and most importantly stop thinking of your creative life or the time involved as a luxury. This word demotes it instantly to the realm of Gucci handbags and spa retreats…nice, if you like that kind of thing but not essential to your well-being!

I know we cannot always strike whilst the iron is hot, but by promoting it up the way we will start to create more opportunity to do this. It took concerted effort on my part to make it more important. When we prioritize something it gets more air time in our consciousness, making it easier to get down to it.

Your creative life is like exercise…if you neglect it you will get flabby! It is important for your well-being and needs to be re-prioritized!

Instead, the first thing you can do, despite your lack of time is to promote it in your own mind to the realm of ‘necessary essentials’. Now I know how this will sound and you will probably get frustrated with it because you are already feeling pressed for time, but bear with me.

What we need to do is to keep our creative muscles flexed at all times so that when the opportunity strikes, we are ready to pounce. For this we need to look at how we build steam.

Reg#2: Build Creative Steam Into Your Day

I started this process for myself at least a year ago when I turned pro, and believe me, I know exactly how you feel…the good news is that you can shift very quickly into a higher gear.

Today I am in ‘creative mode’ pretty much most of the time…

The way I made that shift was to prioritize first, as stated above, elevating my creative life to the realm of essential necessities as I realized that my whole well-being hinged on having an outlet for my energy, which happens to be pretty intense at times.

“Being John Malkovich” Pen on paper by Phoebe Thomasson. This was one of my early pieces doodled whilst watching the film as titled and capturing quickly fleeting shapes and images, taking my eyes off the screen as little as possible…try it, it’s a blast!

So how I do this is simple. I keep a pencil and paper handy at all times! Yeah I know this sounds ridiculously easy and that’s just it…it is! I mean all the time too. Take a folded piece of A4 out for the night and stuff it in your handbag with a sharp pencil. You never know, you might get inspiration whilst waiting at the bar or whilst chatting with friends.

Be prepared. That way you help to keep your channels open and flowing nicely!

By my bed I have a foam yoga block that happens to be A4 sized (for resting on) with a stack of A4 paper on top and a really nice sharp dark graphite pencil (I use red fairy lights at night so I can get back to sleep quicker) and I also take my paper stack and pencil around with me, wherever I happen to be working in a basket full of notes and stuff to jog my memory.

Sometime I will come up with an idea for a painting by thinking and writing about a certain subject or problem…. I will sketch a rough idea ready for the studio.

At night I get a lot of ideas, words especially that come at completely random times. I find that writing helps keep my hand in, so to speak as it is relatively similar to drawing. I also doodle a when I am doing certain things, like watching TV with my boy, or listening to my partner or having phone conversations.

Mind Network doodle by Phoebe Thomasson
Doodling is essential to keeping your hand loose and your mind free-flowing. It can be elevated to an art-form in it’s own right of course but just make marks…anything will do, and have fun with it!

People don’t mind me doodling at all as it goes. It certainly improves my ability to listen as my mind is well occupied which is a huge bonus when you need to stay quiet and be receptive. Doodling is like travelling through your mind…which brings me nicely onto the next point.

Reg#3: Keep Your Hand Moving On The Page

OK. So now you can see that you only need a pencil and A4 paper to stay loose, what do you actually do with it?

I write as well as paint and I certainly don’t get to painting as often as I would like as I am still a mummy to a little one, but when I do get into the studio I don’t waste any time. But how I stay ready is done in all the hours out of the creative zone.

I personally love words, as you can see 😉 I write free-form poetry, prose and essays, silly rhymes, sayings, motto’s… in fact anything that comes into my head, day or night is fair game. I also keep a blog…obvz 😉

As long as I keep my hands moving as quick as my mind I never have a problem when the time comes to paint. It’s all the other stuff you do that keeps you loose and ready for action. Which reminds me.

Reg#4: You Absolutely Must Practice Making Mistakes

I could write a whole blog-post on this, in fact I am in the process of covering this very subject in answer to another question which I will post very soon.

Mistakes! Argghhh….this is one of the major factors that keeps us from creating at all. I am going to answer this one briefly but will post more later. In the meantime here is a little practice for you.

Gather basic A4 printer paper, kids poster paints and cheap chunky brushes. Set on a table with some water and sheets of newspaper underneath. Set yourself a timer for 20 minutes and paint any old shit and without stopping fill the entire page! Fill as many A4 sheets as you can. Aim for one a minute per sheet, but be intuitive about this.

When they are dry, simply stuff them all in a black liner and away in a cupboard somewhere! Forget about them for a couple of months. Rinse and repeat every few days until you can’t fit any more in your cupboard!

Important: Do not judge or critique your ‘work’…that is against the rules for this process… 😉

I did this very early on when I was learning to paint. It’s great therapy but more importantly, it will help you shift from doing painting to painting doing you.



Follow these suggestions as closely as you can and please feedback to me with any results, insights, further questions, objections etc…there is always something for me to learn here too so don’t be shy!

Leave a comment below in a weeks time or post one on the Facebook page. That way we can keep you on track!

Stay posted, Like my page and Subscribe for more!

Happy Creating!

Keep that pencil sharp!

Thank you for attending…


C R E A T I V E    S U R G E R Y



Living Upwards

Are you turning your world upside down?


Phoebe Thomasson Abstract Art

in order to live upwards
we must fall downwards
like drips
running off the canvas
of time and space
we must allow
ourselves to run
with gravity’s pull
and when we reach the edge
we must allow
ourselves to dry
simply breathing
on the beach of emptiness
as we dream at the borders
of infinity
only to renew ourselves
once again
by turning the canvas
upside down.

When asked today in my Magic Mirror Challenge about the message I want to espouse, I am forced to think long and hard about it. There are so many pat answers I could give, but if I am living true to my word I want to go deeper than all the platitudes that have been already said.

If I could put this painting and it’s meaning into a message that would perhaps carry, and give new perspective it would be…

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Go Through, Gatekeeper. Go Through!

I feel like I shouldn’t be this comfortable or confident;
I feel like my life is a wreck and I am doing everything wrong!
‘You are’ said the voice.
What do I do with That!? I ask myself (not wanting to fight).
You cannot fight it.

Right or wrong, I guess I want a phantom;
I want something I do not know.
I see things based on evidence and intuition.
So you could say that yes, I am day dreaming my future into being,
Where as others, are dreaming themselves into oblivion.

You ARE the gate keeper;
You can see things how ever you like,
But you only see the dreams of those who pass through your door.

It is time to dream your own dream.

If our ways are supposed to part, then it will be from your strong desire;
I have no desire to leave or destroy.
I seek only to build, repair and develop.
I seek only to know the future I have never experienced,
Not to repeat the pasts that I have.
I seek to make amends, to adapt and evolve.
I seek to expand upon what I have and keep for myself a stable base from which to spread my wings.

If you wish to be part of my world then visualize yourself there.
Do not leave your dreams in the grip of negative presuppositions.
You neither know the way, or can predict its results unless you dream the way yourself.

It is time to invest in your own dreams and stop merely holding the doors for others without passing through.
Don’t let life pass you by by grasping at it.
You must enter it.
You must leave all past behind and let it serve merely as a guide, not a beacon.
Your beacon should be your own dream
Not that of others.

Phoebe Thomasson
Dorchester, Dorset
Feb 15th 2016


Sometimes, things only strike you as obvious when you have been through a crisis and all your doors of perception are open.

How many times have we encountered ourselves and others as merely the gatekeepers to the dreams of others.

When are we going to finally own up to the individuality that sets us apart from everyone else on the planet and be courageous enough to embrace it fully.

I think I ask myself this every day.

I get stuck on the how’s but hey, I’m doing it, even though I haven’t a clue how.