The Full Moon

Photo Credit: Steven Iodice

The key words for the full moon are:


Some key activities would include:

Visiting the seaside, meditating in nature especially by the sea or a body of water, spending time with friends, reading enlightening books, Yoga and Tai Chi, building projects, anything that fills us with joy and satisfaction.

The full moon is the time for ‘living it’. For generating a feeling of connectivity through activity. Now is the time for sharing, honesty and receptivity.  We can nurture our ability to receive love and support at this time. This is a time for gratitude and appreciation. To fill our hearts with conscious awareness of all that we are, have, feel and do. This is the time for revelling in the light of truth, unafraid of the clarity now revealed.

Be Aware that during the full moon period, the veils of illusion are thin. We may see more than we bargained for as the moon illuminates the darkness inside and out. We may see traits and characteristics in people that we’d rather not see. It is important to allow our feelings to surface and be processed but not to fall into blame, judgement or condemnation when relating to the people in question. That person may be ourselves and we should exercise restraint and compassion whoever it is, as the big energies at this time can easily make for a fight breaking out!

Allowing our feelings some space to move and shift gears, but reserving the right to express them in a non violent manner is the best approach at this time. When the dust has settled we can use our realizations, however painful, to good healing use. We can experience the resolution of complex situations by releasing control and allowing ego to take a back seat. This means releasing the desire to be petty or pick holes in the situation and raising our vibration to an objective standpoint. Not easy but more effective in the long run for dealing with the frustrations of life.

Needing to be right at all costs is a sign we are not yet aligned with the healthy expression of yang energies.  It is often symptomatic of poor self esteem and an over compensation for those feelings of insecurity that arise from lack of love for ourselves. Balancing our energies before we interact can move things forward in a positive way with minimal damage. If we can’t stick to our guns when trying to make clear decisions we must look at our need for approval and our fear of rocking the boat. Making changes can mean facing the darkness in others. We must learn not to take it personally but stand in our light while they express their pain. This is advanced interaction that cannot be attained overnight but if we set our goals accordingly we can make great strides towards our authentic self expressions.

If you find yourself at an impasse with a friend or loved one it can be useful to remember that they too are struggling with their own debt towards themselves. Lacking the insight of wisdom they will create situations to express the darkness that blocks them. We all do it! Think about your ability to pick a fight when you are feeling vulnerable. It’s never apparent that there is in fact a great deal of pain beneath the façade as we are all so adept at creating and wearing masks to cover our less lovable aspects.

The mask of the moon

The controlled are uncontrollable
The loving are unlovable
The peaceful are vengeful
The kind are mean
The caring are selfish

Have you ever wondered why we profess to be one thing but suddenly find ourselves at odds with our own estimation of our characters? The mask of the moon is created when we develop insecurity or revulsion for a part of our nature that seems to create havoc wherever we go. Depending on the yin or yang qualities, the moon will reveal the unhinged and the unloved within us. We can become aware of our dark-side in the presence of others alone. Without the contrast and friction of relationship we simply cannot develop. Fear that expressing the negative aspects will overwhelm us is common, especially amongst those who’ve identified with the ‘good’ and the ‘rightness’ of things. Feeling wrong is most shocking in this regard but is a mere ploy by ego to continue the illusion that life is tidy, nice, serene and predictable. Pull the other one! When we remember we spin on the cusp of chaos and the sole truth in life is that death is our only ally in levelling the playing field we may think more at ease.


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Photo Credit: Steven Iodice