#ProfileAddict … Connect With Me!!

Hey! Thanks for coming back…

I’ve really lost focus over the past few weeks as the Christmas season kicks in, which is OK as it’s all part of the process of renewal.

We’re doing really well here at Art Central with new weekly music jam sessions now underway and recording potential just around the corner. It’s getting time now to start blending the art and the music, but that’s another blog post!

We have installed a wood-burner in the garage, as my partner and I live in a shared house with my Mother, my 97 yrs young Grandma and my sweet boy who is rising six. It’s a busy household now so it’s great to have an extra space for us to relax away from the busy thoroughfare which is our main living room.

My son watches YouTube a lot and is getting so much great learning as well as playing creatively on Minecraft, however, I don’t always like the massive intrusion it makes on my psychic space and silence, which is vital for creative focus. Perhaps now I can really get down to creating a time and place for more regular contact. Which is partly the reason for this post.

I’ve been struggling with overload as I am faced with my #profile addiction# having created so many different spaces on many different applications. I just love a good app don’t you?

Anyway, I thought I would make a seriously long list of all my profile pages. you are bound to find one that resonates with you, and it may be helpful to your own work/business promotion.

I have my fingers in so many pies, I’ve run out of fingers!

So here is my list, which I hope you will use to visit me in another place on the web.

I love all this connectivity, but at the same time it’s important to take time out for growth, development and deep recharge. As Christmas now looms I feel that old house keeping bug running around like a mad thing inside, forcing me to at least make an attempt of clearing out the clutter. That’s my intent for 2017 anyway; to streamline my projects, get my shit together and start developing some serious content that covers the following subjects:









Nude/Life Modeling/Photography/Digital Art




Personal Profile/Facebook





Daily/Frequent/Random Updates/Snapshots




Last Words…

Oh my goodness!!!!!… no wonder I’ve been going loopy. This is a great demonstration of how to scatter your energies. Don’t make my mistake, even though I am going to work with it, it’s a tall order for me to keep all these things running. Still, although it’s a tall order, I am going to work with it and see if I can streamline what I am doing and make good use of my platform profile addiction!

Every cloud has a silver lining so bring the silvery yellow lining into your cloud right now, and let it shine through the murky grey of any stagnant energy and let it carry you effortlessly into 2017


Merry Christmas and a bounteous New Year!!!!




Will You Be My Patron?

Hey There! Thanks for joining me again.


What is this Patreon thing all about?

Well basically it’s about making a living doing what I love, what I am called to do and never having to get external work again, unless I want to or it benefits what I am doing.

Patreon is about having the support of fans, directly to the artist in hard monetary form, as well as the always welcome appraisals and likes; and in return the artist provides exclusive reward content in the form of a ‘feed’ where news, work updates, blog posts, discussions and media content is posted, some of which is ‘paid for’ by you, the Patron.

For example, if I complete and release a painting I am really stoked with, I want to not only share it with you, or give you and insider view on it’s creation but to allow you to fund the continuous creation of further artworks. So instead of waiting for a ‘sale’ I can still get on with the work because the money is coming in from another source. Makes me a more consistent creator and my quality of work will inevitably increase.

You in the meantime get to see what goes on behind the scenes in the form of video blogs, work in progress pictures and get perks like art discounts, original sketches and paintings, depending on which bracket you are in; $1, $3, $5… per thing. It’s a workable prospect that brings creatives and supporters together!  

No Middle Man…!

Just you and I in an intimate tryst of creative delight…

For me, this is a genius idea because instead of having to rely on Art Galleries (not that I’ve anything against art galleries, per se, but its a real hassle putting on an exhibition, and then forfeiting up to 50% of your sales income!) I don’t think the gallery thing is a feasible option for me at the present moment anyway, because being a full time un-schooling mum in recovery from ME/CFS, and musician to boot, I’m a bit limited in time, attention and energy. You understand.

I digress.

Wouldn’t that be nice! You can help, for a small regular contribution you can make this real, and I can give you my art, my experience and my passion….

You see, I have a lot to learn already. I want to make video’s. I’m kind of started but there is much to learn.

I thought I could wait until I know more, but I thought I’d launch now and use the motivation to help me. It’s already working… it’s only taken me about a year of procrastinating to get this far, and I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer!

I’m excited and scared…. to hell with it… lets do this thing!



Got A Bad Mood?

I have to credit Carl Gustav Jung with the original quote which was as follows.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”

I read it in a book and it stuck but I’ve paraphrased it because it is so spot on. How many times in daily life do we reach for the outside option to make ourselves feel better?

Anyway, please check out my video above and perhaps see you around a little.

Thanks for your visit.



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I set me free

I’ve always been a scaredy cat
how did I get over that?
I didn’t but I kind of did
but it got over me.

I wish I had your courage
your boldness and your flourish
but I was told to simmer down
to stop being wild!

And so I did!
I stayed quiet when I wanted to shout
so scared of not being liked by you
but therein lies the prison!

I set me free!

Nov 2016

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Art Shaman: An Introduction

Hi. I’m Phoebe.

I call myself Art Shaman for two reasons…

One: I am an artist and have been for many years. I now run my own small art business selling abstract paintings but there is much more to it than that!

Two: I am an apprentice of Shamanism. I started to practice shamanism, unwittingly perhaps, as I undertook the many years of healing that I needed to recover from the chronic health conditions of Paranoid Schizophrenia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression.

Woven together into a synergistic whole, art based practices and energy based practices are a powerful way of healing the soul.

I know this to be true because I have lived through the experience of what healing feels like and what it actually entails. I have shifted extreme and enduring patterns of fearful thought forms that were the ultimate seat of my physical problems.

Now my healing is well established and underway, it is my intention to communicate to you, that all of us have the latent power to heal our minds of fear, our bodies of pain and our souls of loneliness and disconnection.

I have discovered many approaches to weaving both art and shamanic type skills, into techniques which can be used part of your tool kit that you will need for the undertaking and continuation, of your own healing journey.

I want to share my findings with you, my understandings gleaned from hours of practice in the realms of art, yoga, music, meditation and energy related techniques.

Shamanism, for me, brings all these art-forms together under one roof, and being the oldest religious structure in existence, there are as many forms of Shamanism as there are indigenous cultures and their ancient roots are planted all over the Earth even today.


I consider Yoga also, to be part of the Shamanic path in it’s larger sense. Although the traditions may show dramatic differences, there are also many similarities in working with the energetic structure of the inner and outer worlds. There is a major emphasis on ‘Going Within’ in both traditions.


Ultimately, every culture has it’s healers. Now we need to heal ourselves so that we can join their ranks. The world is in a perilous condition and needs all the help it can get.

I am presently engaged in the process of consciously turning my own negativity into joy and freedom. Internal freedom is the aim of all these explorations and experiments.

In physical reality we may be bound but in the realm of spirit we are eternally free and that means no boundaries whatsoever.

We may resist this truth for a lifetime, but I have found my life to be far more pleasant when I work at maintaining my inner sense of freedom; unbounded joy is the natural arising.

I invite you to join me on my journey as I start to share my processes with you.


Part of the apprenticeship towards being a useful Shaman involves sharing what I know with you.

When you are ready, certain things will stick and you can integrate these practices into your own creative healing journey.

You simply have to keep showing up, in your studio, on your mat, on your cushion, on the running track… whatever your current discipline may be, the work can enhance and quicken your process towards the limitless internal freedom that all human’s are really seeking.


If you enjoy my art and writing and feel the desire to share in my journey, then I urge you to support me today on PATREON for as little as one dollar per creation!

I will be devising video’s that you can work with in your own practice, whatever level of skill you have now in art, meditation and visualization I think you will find what I have to offer useful.

Help me to spread the word that we can help one another most by healing our selves and what better way than to use the gift of artistic imagination.

May Jaguar Walk With You

Sat Nam

Little Dying

I am discovering new ways to die.

I now die to that which no longer serves me: doubt, fear, grief, impatience.

I now wish to learn through love.

I now reach out to spirit with my arms.

I remember my presence is enough.

I sit in nature and breathe.

So Han.

 For More…



Most of all. Remember.