Eye Of Horus: Bird God Sees All

Find a high spot and observe without judgement.... humans

ART Collection: Space Beings & Imaginary Friends

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UV Tribal Bodypaint Studio Shots #HybridSkin #DigitalArt

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Snapshot; End of 2016: Stream of Consciousness ‘Happenings’ Word List…

close up of a bryophyte a green moss type plant

So what has 2016 really been about for me? Here is a list which appears endless and in no particular order but will trigger memories as I write and re-read. Pushing boundaries and buttons; Dealing with old emotions and learning to let them go (Letting Go, by David R. Hawkins) Music revival, overcoming limitations, revealing … Continue reading Snapshot; End of 2016: Stream of Consciousness ‘Happenings’ Word List…

When I Paint, I See Everything…

"When I paint It's like being at the event horizon I don't know what is happening next Time is stretched out of shape Into perpetual motion and profound stillness all at once It's very dark But like the dawn before the sun kisses the horizon There is hope; I want to illuminate the darkness..." This is … Continue reading When I Paint, I See Everything…

Got A Bad Mood?

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes" Carl Jung

I set me free

I've always been a scaredy cat how did I get over that? I didn't but I kind of did but it got over me. I wish I had your courage your boldness and your flourish but I was told to simmer down to stop being wild! And so I did! I stayed quiet when I wanted … Continue reading I set me free