The Black Hole

I felt in you, inside me perhaps now I look again A black hole. It matters little where it was located, it was there. There is something you should know about this place but I hardly know where to begin. There is something in there that I feel compelled to see To touch, to taste, … Continue reading The Black Hole

Now I Can See…

painting with ink on a brand new canvas

Now I can see what you are What you are not What I am What I am not I'm taking risks To be close to you Because I don't always understand things Unless I am close up Snuffling around for clues For food Like a mouse I want to figure things out In detail There … Continue reading Now I Can See…


a man sits by the window with a mask of his face in his hands photo artistry by adam white

Now I can see, what you mean is so much more to me than a cheap thrill. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you know you've fallen into a trap and had to have your friends point out a few things about how you've been acting. Suck it up. Relax. They have your best … Continue reading Trust

Eye Of Horus: Bird God Sees All

Find a high spot and observe without judgement.... humans

ART Collection: Space Beings & Imaginary Friends

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UV Tribal Bodypaint Studio Shots #HybridSkin #DigitalArt

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