The Power That Rules my Fate…


Darkness or light? That is the choice, always. What we choose will be dependent on our attitude, our programming, our upbringing. There is always an opportunity for healing, wherever we shine our light. Sure, we will be hounded by the Darkside until we face it head on. That is our work. That is the only … Continue reading The Power That Rules my Fate…

The Black Hole

I felt in you, inside me perhaps now I look again A black hole. It matters little where it was located, it was there. There is something you should know about this place but I hardly know where to begin. There is something in there that I feel compelled to see To touch, to taste, … Continue reading The Black Hole

Now I Can See…

painting with ink on a brand new canvas

Now I can see what you are What you are not What I am What I am not I'm taking risks To be close to you Because I don't always understand things Unless I am close up Snuffling around for clues For food Like a mouse I want to figure things out In detail There … Continue reading Now I Can See…


a man sits by the window with a mask of his face in his hands photo artistry by adam white

Now I can see, what you mean is so much more to me than a cheap thrill. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you know you've fallen into a trap and had to have your friends point out a few things about how you've been acting. Suck it up. Relax. They have your best … Continue reading Trust

Eye Of Horus: Bird God Sees All

Find a high spot and observe without judgement.... humans

ART Collection: Space Beings & Imaginary Friends

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