Universal Energies = Love

Opening up to the places inside that have been shut away for so long. Making faces at the fears that now uncover their subversive intentions to derail me from my truth. I am not there yet; The fears still serve as my protection. Protection from what? I wonder... if not the memories of past times … Continue reading Universal Energies = Love

Eye Of Horus: Bird God Sees All

Find a high spot and observe without judgement.... humans

Little Dying

I remember my presence is enough...

Word Soup

a woman sits surrounded by words with buddha next to her

It appears an unfortunate fact that the more I fly free in my ways, and embrace my powers of intellect and conversation, that the effect produced within you is one of insecurity and an appearance of being squashed. Hence the ability to relax and enjoy company whilst feeling thus threatened is marred and overshadowed by … Continue reading Word Soup

Sparkle! Pure Vibrance We Are…

sparkling water droplets on green reeds photograph by adam white photography uk dorset

Something to want the jewel, the single piece that shines like Diamant in the sun but fits like a glove with no irritation gleams prismatic light drops on to the wall of my room where I take refuge in my words. Sparkle! I want to glint in sun ray penetrating your darkness those lost in … Continue reading Sparkle! Pure Vibrance We Are…