Why Do I Like Apples…so much?

If Apples = Men I like Apples because: I seek nourishment; because I am wired to; They help me know myself…They are delicious, food, natures medicine, full of nutrients, sunlight and vital forces… Because I am Eve. It is my lot to love an Apple! Because from the Dawn of Time I have known Apples … Continue reading Why Do I Like Apples…so much?

Eye Of Horus: Bird God Sees All

Find a high spot and observe without judgement.... humans

Live, Work, Play Together: Digging For Diamonds…Minecraft & Love…


Little deaths are about letting go. Letting go of being 'right', just for now. Letting go of the moral high ground, just for now (or forever!). So your ego is battered right now... that's just armour!

Creative Surgery 101: Accepting & Learning About Our Creative Block

When blocked... ...carry on! But not at what you are blocked at! ..... do something different, get into a better feeling but allow the sense of being blocked to tell you, teach you, reach you... don't fight it... it may be that you are knackered and need to slow down and listen to your body; … Continue reading Creative Surgery 101: Accepting & Learning About Our Creative Block

what an artist does for you…

a red headed woman holds a seedling sprout and contemplates destiny

...we are arbiters of change and flying shamans, we are cosy in our bubbles where we see the cosmic dance played out before our inner retinas...

I Once Believed

a bare tree about to burst into life photo by phoebe thomasson

...that you were better than me ...that you had it easier than me ...that you worked harder than me ...that you had something I did not ...that we were worlds apart then... I looked inside and found my best was good enough that I too had it easier than those before me that I too … Continue reading I Once Believed

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Your going to love this..... The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer