a man sits by the window with a mask of his face in his hands photo artistry by adam white

Now I can see, what you mean is so much more to me than a cheap thrill. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you know you've fallen into a trap and had to have your friends point out a few things about how you've been acting. Suck it up. Relax. They have your best … Continue reading Trust

Today’s ToDo’s: Bullet Proof Formula for Zen-ness

The back-story to this post is that I was journalling ways to deal with my frequent bouts of 'frantic' energy. You know what I mean...getting on your horse and riding off in all directions. Here's what I journalled for myself. Perhaps it will resonate with you too....deep breath! Question: How do I maintain momentum in … Continue reading Today’s ToDo’s: Bullet Proof Formula for Zen-ness