The Power That Rules my Fate…


Darkness or light? That is the choice, always. What we choose will be dependent on our attitude, our programming, our upbringing. There is always an opportunity for healing, wherever we shine our light. Sure, we will be hounded by the Darkside until we face it head on. That is our work. That is the only … Continue reading The Power That Rules my Fate…

Got A Bad Mood?

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes" Carl Jung

Jaguar Medicine: Power to Confront Death…

Jaguar flows through me now with the grace of an assassin fear yields to the touch of the brush on my face warpaint on; I am hunting I snake through the densely packed forest of my mind.

Help I’m Broken! Where’s My Band Aid?

And then you come tumbling down of your mountain high...after you've just moved the damn thing and your all torn up at the bottom, ripped to shreds by the fall and exhausted by the climb. There's a boulder on your head the size of Colorado and you have only one finger left and you are pointing it at your nearest loved one because obviously they are the source of all your agony. Right?


When we are judged as stupid It is because we are feared, hated or reviled and thereby found to be threatening. Perhaps for our ebullience (yes, and) I think probably for our ability to be happy and carefree (too). Most definitely for out child-like demeanour our innocent joy our creative boldness. What seems like such … Continue reading Stupid

Word Soup

a woman sits surrounded by words with buddha next to her

It appears an unfortunate fact that the more I fly free in my ways, and embrace my powers of intellect and conversation, that the effect produced within you is one of insecurity and an appearance of being squashed. Hence the ability to relax and enjoy company whilst feeling thus threatened is marred and overshadowed by … Continue reading Word Soup

It may be Hellish, but at least I’m here!

image of a mans face with slightly deranged eyes title fragile brain pen and ink sketch with words by uk contemporary artist phoebe thomasson

Recovery isn't all about getting better. It's also about adjusting, changing, accepting and releasing. We can need multiple processes to happen before we start to feel better in the way we desire to. Just to give you an idea how this applies in the real world here is an insight into my current little drama. … Continue reading It may be Hellish, but at least I’m here!