a man sits by the window with a mask of his face in his hands photo artistry by adam white

Now I can see, what you mean is so much more to me than a cheap thrill. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you know you've fallen into a trap and had to have your friends point out a few things about how you've been acting. Suck it up. Relax. They have your best … Continue reading Trust

UV Tribal Bodypaint Studio Shots #HybridSkin #DigitalArt

For more by Hybrid Skin Copyright 2017 Phoebe Thomasson

Art Shaman; In The Woods

It always amazes me how healing creative experiences can be. Once you have processed the shame and embarrassment of scaring passers by with your blacked out face, the thrill of the moment becomes more playful. 'Fuck It' is our profane mantra in these moments. I'm not being bad. Just playful, irreverent, goodly dangerous to the status quo of holding and fear.


amazing digital art of a woman's back head and shoulders surrounded by peach and cream OM signs by adam white photography dorchester dorset uk british photographer in the south west

I dream of standing speaking my words from soul song into your eyes, direct line from mine; channels open beneath me is my heart, throbbing lust into my words. I dream of standing alone in the void uncluttered at ease, a million to one chance of survival embodied, emboldened by you and you joined. What … Continue reading Poet

PROJECT: One Hundred Paintings

Premise: to create a large series of work based upon the themes of... Evolution Mark Making Meditation Relationship Relativity Each painting will represent a 'day' in my life as an artist. The day is not twenty-four hours but is mine to define. I will post each piece with a diary recording related notes that arise … Continue reading PROJECT: One Hundred Paintings