The Black Hole

I felt in you, inside me perhaps now I look again A black hole. It matters little where it was located, it was there. There is something you should know about this place but I hardly know where to begin. There is something in there that I feel compelled to see To touch, to taste, … Continue reading The Black Hole

The Less of Art

a fresh new canvas is being put on an easel black and white photograph by adam white photography uk

Art is about SYNTHESIS. It is about channeling lots of things into a SINGULARITY. The singularity is what art is. Ergo, making art is a form of simplification. Making art is a practice of reductionism or in other words it's a distillation of many many factors, and endless choices. It is the essence of choosing … Continue reading The Less of Art

What Does Being in Balance Mean?

photo of a strip of light on foliage by phoebe thomasson

It might be easier to start with what it doesn't mean... It doesn't mean being 'perfect'; either our generic idea of what perfect 'is' and 'does' or what our culture may laud as the present 'perfection'. It is not about being a model, physically or otherwise. It does not mean unchanging or static, unresponsive, dogmatic, … Continue reading What Does Being in Balance Mean?

Here are your Sanity Claus top tips for Silly Season

a meditating figure sits serenely amidst flowers and pink and blue clouds acrylic on canvas by phoebe thomasson

Are you planning on staying sane this Christmas? Me too. Here's how I intend to do it.... ONE: I will give myself permission to do any and all the following... Fail: failure IS an option and it's not a sack-able offence. In fact it can lead to greater creativity if we are light about it. … Continue reading Here are your Sanity Claus top tips for Silly Season

Handling the new moon with grace

The new moon. The dark moon. What, if anything does this signify to you? To me it engenders the Yin energies of our cycle and is, in essence, a time of emptying and letting go. Being more responsive and yielding are the character signatures of the Yin side of our nature. After studying my own … Continue reading Handling the new moon with grace

What purpose do we need?

Today is one of those days. Today I feel bereft of an anchor or a purpose. I check my phone. Ah, the moon is nearly dark. The dark moon is always a confusing one for me; so used as I am, to being 'filled up' with things. I don't feel panicked about it. Not this … Continue reading What purpose do we need?