Now I Can See…

painting with ink on a brand new canvas

Now I can see what you are What you are not What I am What I am not I'm taking risks To be close to you Because I don't always understand things Unless I am close up Snuffling around for clues For food Like a mouse I want to figure things out In detail There … Continue reading Now I Can See…

Universal Energies = Love

Opening up to the places inside that have been shut away for so long. Making faces at the fears that now uncover their subversive intentions to derail me from my truth. I am not there yet; The fears still serve as my protection. Protection from what? I wonder... if not the memories of past times … Continue reading Universal Energies = Love

Why Do I Like Apples…so much?

If Apples = Men I like Apples because: I seek nourishment; because I am wired to; They help me know myself…They are delicious, food, natures medicine, full of nutrients, sunlight and vital forces… Because I am Eve. It is my lot to love an Apple! Because from the Dawn of Time I have known Apples … Continue reading Why Do I Like Apples…so much?

Eye Of Horus: Bird God Sees All

Find a high spot and observe without judgement.... humans

I set me free

I've always been a scaredy cat how did I get over that? I didn't but I kind of did but it got over me. I wish I had your courage your boldness and your flourish but I was told to simmer down to stop being wild! And so I did! I stayed quiet when I wanted … Continue reading I set me free

Little Dying

I remember my presence is enough...