Why Do I Like Apples…so much?

If Apples = Men I like Apples because: I seek nourishment; because I am wired to; They help me know myself…They are delicious, food, natures medicine, full of nutrients, sunlight and vital forces… Because I am Eve. It is my lot to love an Apple! Because from the Dawn of Time I have known Apples … Continue reading Why Do I Like Apples…so much?


When we are judged as stupid It is because we are feared, hated or reviled and thereby found to be threatening. Perhaps for our ebullience (yes, and) I think probably for our ability to be happy and carefree (too). Most definitely for out child-like demeanour our innocent joy our creative boldness. What seems like such … Continue reading Stupid

Storm The Embankments of Your Mind

It's warmer somehow precious to be human once again...

what an artist does for you…

a red headed woman holds a seedling sprout and contemplates destiny

...we are arbiters of change and flying shamans, we are cosy in our bubbles where we see the cosmic dance played out before our inner retinas...

The Regenerative Power of The Creative Self

acrylic painting of blue swirls of energy or frozen life forms by uk artist phoebe thomasson

Sometimes we need a concept about what we are doing to help us through when the going gets tough. Here are my thoughts on how our creative life is in fact very resilient. We need to learn trust, patience and to understand the nature of the thing. ESSAY: The Bryophyte and The Muse  

How Art is Going to Save the World

a hopeful looking woman leans into an invisible wind that blows her very being away as she disintegrates in waves of rippling vibrations though she looks brightly into the future model is uk artist phoebe thomasson photo art by adam white photography copyright 2015 awp and pt

Higher functioning human beings that don't destroy themselves are usually very creative. In fact, the more creative, the better you're appreciation for life will inevitably be. The creative see, look, problem solve, innovate, risk take (but not with others' lives hopefully) and are generally quite brave people. The processes all involve developing the relationship with … Continue reading How Art is Going to Save the World

To Do List: Cultivation

acrylic painting by phoebe thomasson abstract blue brown winter colours

Today I need to.... Cultivate Strength, one hour at a time. Cultivate Bravery, to meet my own weaknesses. Cultivate Determination to overcome my limitations. Cultivate Fitness I wish, that I may lift you up. Cultivate Perspective that this is my journey; destination unknown. No-one else is on it with me unless I share it. I … Continue reading To Do List: Cultivation