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Will You Be My Patron?

Hey There! Thanks for joining me again.


What is this Patreon thing all about?

Well basically it’s about making a living doing what I love, what I am called to do and never having to get external work again, unless I want to or it benefits what I am doing.

Patreon is about having the support of fans, directly to the artist in hard monetary form, as well as the always welcome appraisals and likes; and in return the artist provides exclusive reward content in the form of a ‘feed’ where news, work updates, blog posts, discussions and media content is posted, some of which is ‘paid for’ by you, the Patron.

For example, if I complete and release a painting I am really stoked with, I want to not only share it with you, or give you and insider view on it’s creation but to allow you to fund the continuous creation of further artworks. So instead of waiting for a ‘sale’ I can still get on with the work because the money is coming in from another source. Makes me a more consistent creator and my quality of work will inevitably increase.

You in the meantime get to see what goes on behind the scenes in the form of video blogs, work in progress pictures and get perks like art discounts, original sketches and paintings, depending on which bracket you are in; $1, $3, $5… per thing. It’s a workable prospect that brings creatives and supporters together!  

No Middle Man…!

Just you and I in an intimate tryst of creative delight…

For me, this is a genius idea because instead of having to rely on Art Galleries (not that I’ve anything against art galleries, per se, but its a real hassle putting on an exhibition, and then forfeiting up to 50% of your sales income!) I don’t think the gallery thing is a feasible option for me at the present moment anyway, because being a full time un-schooling mum in recovery from ME/CFS, and musician to boot, I’m a bit limited in time, attention and energy. You understand.

I digress.

Wouldn’t that be nice! You can help, for a small regular contribution you can make this real, and I can give you my art, my experience and my passion….

You see, I have a lot to learn already. I want to make video’s. I’m kind of started but there is much to learn.

I thought I could wait until I know more, but I thought I’d launch now and use the motivation to help me. It’s already working… it’s only taken me about a year of procrastinating to get this far, and I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer!

I’m excited and scared…. to hell with it… lets do this thing!



Got A Bad Mood?

I have to credit Carl Gustav Jung with the original quote which was as follows.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”

I read it in a book and it stuck but I’ve paraphrased it because it is so spot on. How many times in daily life do we reach for the outside option to make ourselves feel better?

Anyway, please check out my video above and perhaps see you around a little.

Thanks for your visit.



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Little Dying

I am discovering new ways to die.

I now die to that which no longer serves me: doubt, fear, grief, impatience.

I now wish to learn through love.

I now reach out to spirit with my arms.

I remember my presence is enough.

I sit in nature and breathe.

So Han.

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Most of all. Remember.


Jaguar Medicine: Power to Confront Death…

“In the darkness we may fear all manner of things that in the light of day are really nothing…”

Journal entry

Jaguar In The Woods

It is time to die
Time to release that which no longer serves me
My spirit is crying out for restoration
So I go into the woods in search of Jaguar…

I wield the sacred power of courage, held in my heart;
remembered through my tools;
The rattle, the paint brush, my voice, my dancing…


Courage takes me to my fear, face to face now we dance
I come down from my tree, stalking my terror, my prey
harnessing the medicine of life and death I say,

‘Give Me Back My Self!’

Jaguar flows through me now
with the grace of an assassin
fear yields to the touch of the brush on my face
warpaint on; I am hunting
I snake through the densely packed forest of my mind.

Snaring my fear I make the final blow
severing it’s life blood with my jaws
clenched in the bloody death of that which will now feed me.

As I die to my fearful self
power surges forward
for an instant I am transported
into lives past, unlived by me
the clench envelopes me now
curious in its transport
I let it go
as I let go to feel


I surrender once again
to the flow of moments
called life
moving now from within my limbs
spirit urges me, and
messages from silent voices
follow me
the ancients?
I stand erect
fearless again
and take upon me
that which is truly mine…

The power of Great Spirit…
Jaguar is home.

Dorset Oct 16th 2016


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Art Shaman; In The Woods

We can get lost in the woods
just like we get lost in ourselves
in our thoughts of future
in our regrets of past
in our longings
in our desires
and the dysfunctions of life.

But if we stop
just long enough
to listen to the silence
we may hear the guiding spirit
the still small voice
gathering us
into it’s arms
waiting patiently in the moment

3rd Oct 2016


Yesterday was hard. Lots felt wrong. My friend Adam, didn’t feel like taking photos. We were all tired and slightly grumpy after another late Saturday of jamming excellent music. It was a glorious day; not to be missed and by four o’clock, I had rallied myself to capture the moment anyway, trusting that the spirit of kind positivity would bring us through.

We found a small camp in the woods and I set to painting my face with memories of my gigging days floating through. We got the last remaining rays of sunshine and I posed and made shapes in the shards of setting sunlight in the glade by the path. It somehow worked out, and then there is the uncanny sense, at least after the ‘event’ that everything went according to plan; as if you had one! The spontaneous plans are always the best!

It always amazes me how healing creative experiences can be. Once you have processed the shame and embarrassment of scaring passers by with your blacked out face, the thrill of the moment becomes more playful. ‘F**k It’ is our profane mantra in these moments. I’m not being bad. Just playful, irreverent, goodly dangerous to the status quo of holding and fear. The fear in our culture is all the more easy to see and feel when you are driving along looking like a coal miner back from work…. surreal!

Never mind the bollocks. The little shoot went well. I always have to overcome my fear of looking stupid or weird and I think it paid off in the end. I love the results and it illustrates the nature spirit of the woods as part of my Art Shaman theme of the present moment.
It’s all temporary anyway.


Unpacking the suitcase of our brain
we must start again
See again.
Think we know it all
We must realize
there is no prize

But happiness is enough
That’s what I know
Happiness is everything
we want to show