The Black Hole

I felt in you, inside me perhaps now I look again A black hole. It matters little where it was located, it was there. There is something you should know about this place but I hardly know where to begin. There is something in there that I feel compelled to see To touch, to taste, … Continue reading The Black Hole

Why Do I Like Apples…so much?

If Apples = Men I like Apples because: I seek nourishment; because I am wired to; They help me know myself…They are delicious, food, natures medicine, full of nutrients, sunlight and vital forces… Because I am Eve. It is my lot to love an Apple! Because from the Dawn of Time I have known Apples … Continue reading Why Do I Like Apples…so much?

Got A Bad Mood?

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes" Carl Jung


Unpacking the suitcase of our brain we must start again See again.

Go Through, Gatekeeper. Go Through!

You ARE the gate keeper; You can see things how ever you like, But you only see the dreams of those who pass through your door.

Art, The Great Disruptor

large black loopy line with a yellow centre in a sea of trellis blue with magenta square acrylic painting by phoebe thomasson art

What [art] means to me is what drives me, and this is an important understanding for anyone looking to employ the techniques of disruption to their life, business, project or self development.

On Paying Attention…The Secret Sauce to ShapeShifting into What You Want To Be…

Making art is only one of the many tools used by a meta-morph in the process of self-transformation. Anything is up for grabs. Dancing, writing, walking, gym, cooking, making love....whatever! It's the attitude we adopt when using our tool that matters. Many of us approach our self development practices in the same way we might … Continue reading On Paying Attention…The Secret Sauce to ShapeShifting into What You Want To Be…