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New Photographic Work: ‘Fugitive in The Woods’ by Adam White Photography and…me!

Hybrid Skinhybrid skin photo art by adam white photography hooded figure in the woods

Hybrid Skin is a collaborative Photo Art project between myself and my dear friend Adam, a brilliant photographer. For more of his work please go HERE

We had a lovely outing in the woods at the base of Hardy’s Monument in Dorset the other weekend where Adam captured me doing some interesting poses in a cloak.

Walking down the hill in the dappled light I felt like something out of Lord of The Rings. Somehow wearing a cloak felt very natural, like I was my own ancestor. Of course I believe that our cellular memory contains all the experiences of our ancient history. As an old friend of mine used to call it; DNA food.

This was a DNA experience for me.

a silhouette dances on the land with the moon in her hands
model: phoebe thomasson | photo art: adam white

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I dream of standing
speaking my words 
from soul song
into your eyes,
direct line
from mine;
channels open
beneath me
is my heart,
lust into my words.

I dream of standing
alone in the void
at ease,
a million to one
chance of
by you
and you

What am I doing?
here it is again
that 'run out' feeling
where am I?
escaping to
the inner countryside
where my cottage in the sun
waits patiently
for me
to flee
the city's gravity.

Its ok
I'm fine!
my feet firmly planted
this time,
this song
all mine.

I rival her
but with a twist
for rivalry
is not really my style at all
is there something I've missed?
It's more of a sharing 
a collective bean-bag of thought
each thought is a tiny polystyrene bead
like quick silver
it weight something
is highly toxic (to most)
and endlessly alluring

only the experience
need apply
for the position