Navigating Duality

In this video I cover the following subjects:

  • Challenging religious structure
  • Approaching duality
  • Letting go of crutches
  • Taking responsibility
  • The mind attic
  • Emotion, Psyche, Shadow
  • Wildish Self
  • Dark Goddess
  • Radical truisms
  • Evolution of our psychology
  • Labels & opposites
  • Feelings
  • Information overload
  • Love & limerence
  • Game changing relationships
  • Narcissism
  • Law of Attraction


2 thoughts on “Navigating Duality

  1. Thought I’d watch the first 5 mins. Ended up watching it all. As ever, I can relate to what you’re saying. I was just Skyping with an artist mate this morning on how the superficial barriers we face, and the new routines the new technology blocks us into, can give us fake expectations about who we really should be and what’s really good for us… For instance, I still feel often feel guilty about producing very little on a first session – sometimes just a few lines – yet, at the back of my mind, I know the project will still get completed in a realistic amount of time. And it does! Why can’t I be prolific for longer periods of time, I ask myself? Well, maybe I’m not supposed to be and that’s a wrong assumption. Yet, I still seem conditioned to think otherwise… Anyway, thanks for that Phoebs.

  2. Yes! Thinking that we can be prolific all the time is definitely a big block for many creators. I now try to take everything else into account like am I getting enough of the right fuel for my creations…including sleep? Inspiration and exercise I am finding inextricably linked. You can’t channel sparks of golden universal truth through a tired and hungry body. That’s just one important element we often overlook.
    So glad you enjoyed it Mark. Nothing wrong with your attention span! Hehe!
    Fake expectations….don’t get me started…in fact I might make this my next blog!
    Yay! Inspiration is the key.
    Keep it coming.

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