Is This Perfection?

My life is perfect
in this moment…
I really feel that

Appreciation swells,
then the question…
How can it be?

I don’t mean
that I am perfect!
Oh no!

It means more like,
that I am fully engaged
in this awareness
right now…

More like,
that I am here
to appreciate this moment
and all that surrounds me…

The sparkle of light,
that glints
off the metallic disk
on a hanging scarf

The ache of my arm
as I write,
pencil scrawl
racing to the line’s end

The breeze
that undulates the curtain,
as it winds
from open window
filled with sweet spring air

The long awaited
sun filled bird-song,
as nature wakes
from her penumbral slumber

The light dancing
behind my eyes,
as I register
my own experience
of contentment
with what is

This is perfect…


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