The Perfect Storm: Being an Artist and Mother

This is SO pertinent to me at the moment; just storm after storm created by frustration of a creative soul that just can’t find the time to get down to work! It will come and this has given me the juice I need to persevere to the next level where me and my little boy (3) can create together in peace and harmony. The dream is growing, but not without big adaptations….it’s all good. Read this and you will understand!

Atelier Geinene

Love Like an Ocean ‘Love Like an Ocean’, Mixed Media

I would be lying if I said being an artist and a mother doesn’t often feel like the perfect storm. My selfish artist side took a hit in the gut when little people started to invade my studio space. What? I have to share? Not only my physical space, but my precious paints and brushes…and time?

I don’t hear a lot of people talking about being a mother AND a practicing artist. I guess because it’s just plain hard to do. How popular is the general topic of ‘sacrifice’ anyway in our culture? Maybe some of you have seen the documentary, Who Does She Think She Is, featuring five women who navigate the sea of choosing to pursue having a family and being a professional artist. It is good to watch, but I admit I was a bit disappointed with the lacking success rate for marriages and healthy families.

I have had to…

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