NEW SHOP NOW OPEN! Stunning Giclee Prints now available…

Well I’m buzzing! I’ve just opened my parcel roll delivered today from the printers and I have to say I am pleasantly gob-smacked by the beauty of my work in print….and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased! 😉

The printers have done a fantastic job and the paper is gorgeous. I chose a Bamboo fibre/Cotton mix because when possible, I like to be environmentally friendly, and Bamboo is a great new sustainable resource.

As a print medium it lends itself incredibly well to the original oil painting (I chose Shaman’s Oak Leaf) and it looks very similar to the real thing in its matte finish. It has an ethereal quality I’ve never seen in a print before and I might just have to get this one framed and for myself! But I digress…

a stylized leaf running with energy in the veins and on the side gold oak leaves are arranged in a line by phoebe thomasson uk artist
The mighty oak is representative of the strength that grows from humble beginnings.

2 thoughts on “NEW SHOP NOW OPEN! Stunning Giclee Prints now available…

  1. Pleased for you, Phoebe. You must show me some of these printed results when I finally visit you and the family. Keep going – the news alone gives a wealth of pleasure.

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