Weather Front…a Poem

Photo Credit: Roger Kirby
I'm at the junction 
where the weather fronts meet
Clashing, stress rising 
like milk boiling over
Cruel, cool knife edge cutting 
through the desperation of 
a mind gone sour
Too tired to function
love's left this heart
Compassion, strained
this anger ingrained
Got to take a deep breath and 
press 'restart'!
No shame in this game just 
stop and start again...
Again, again I hear 
the refrain slow down 
and chill life's been handing 
you a bitter pill 
But you must rise
Brighter thoughts 
than this can inhabit your 
emotional skies
Even in motion you have 
the balm
The healing potion
Just get the notion
Volcanoes must erupt
its not that you're corrupt
so let it go, set 
'go with the flow' on your sat-nav
There are those who have 
less grace than this
no need to stress about 
the hit and miss
Nature of reality 
the moons and changing tides
Respond, react to inner rhythm 
This is where your mystery resides
Searching for balance 
in the motion of events
Like surfing 
we learn to take the rough 
and tumble, the mundane 
mixed with intense
Trying to find 
mindful presence 
in a storm of 
compassion versus anger
gnawing at me 
like a dog 
with a bone
Just let me lie 
Take me home.

Photo Credit: Roger Kirby

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