Pain relief from the freezer chest

Photo Credit: Jason Conlon

If like me you have had pain as your near constant companion throughout the years you will have tried many things. Today I’m going to talk about ice therapy for reducing inflammation and KILLING PAIN! YES!

Pain is generally due to inflammation which is the body’s protective mechanism for expelling foreign matter and intruders (including bits of yourself which is what Auto-Immunity is all about!). I’ve had chronic intestinal pain for about 20 years now and trust me I’ve tried everything to eliminate it. I am now getting to the crux of the matter which is partly due to understanding what the damage actually is, and how to correct it using various dietary approaches. Learn more about healing your gut with the autoimmune protocol here.

My main concern right now is helping you to achieve quick, safe and effective pain relief because unchecked, pain can lead to depression. I’ve experienced a lot of that over the years partly because I’ve felt so incredibly helpless in the face of this unresolved situation.


First up you will need some kind of ice pack. I use the ice bags which come in our meat box delivery. They stay in the freezer and recently I decided to try one out as when I’m having a flare up I’ve always sought the cold. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made.

OK so this is going to hurt a bit as the ice burns your skin. The good news is that ice shrinks fat cells so you will help to stop the slack bits in their tracks! That’s positive side effect number one! See Jack Kruse for more on Cold Thermogenesis here.

You will become accustomed to the cold after a while when the nerves have stopped going crazy. Adjust gradually to opening up the whole pack and when you are comfortable wrap a towel round you and chill. Literally!

What we are doing is arresting the effects of the inflammation by shutting down capillary circulation to the peripheral area.

After about ten or twenty minutes you should be feeling some relief if not a total remission of symptoms. However, the more belly fat you have, the longer you will probably need to use the ice.


And there you have it. Simple and effective and more importantly non-harmful to your body or your purse!

Be sure to pass this on to any one you know who is dealing with pain.


Disclaimer: Please follow safety instructions as I cannot be held responsible for misuse of this information.Thank you.


Photo Credit: Jason Conlon

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