Vision Quest


What’s your vision?
Vision of what?
The future? a different reality?

Perhaps some of us recoil at these kind of questions and judge that they are all a bit wishy washy for today’s scientific minds. But I would argue that science itself comes from the wonder of mystery and the grace of discovery.

Without a vision of something more alluring to come, what are we? I would answer that we are probably depressed and ‘dry’ in our world, physically and otherwise.

Like a lake or a stream, life is either static or moving at any given point but there is a reflection available within each state. Our moving target may be harder to spot as it is distorted by the speed of the water, but when we sit by the lake of reflection our views can become crystal clear.

It may be that we have no focus on the future because we are so busy in the river doing our thing that we cannot contemplate any sense of visionary reality, we are simply surviving and will take what is offered. This may be fine and a larger vision of family is played out to incorporate many rivers joining their race towards the sea. But when our day is done and each has their own way to travel, have we set our sights on something larger, some vista we may have once desired and shelved through inconvenience?

The far away place you dream of is just out of place now and not in keeping with your utilitarian version of day to day reality. It feels more like a dream; completely unapproachable from this waking state of fast moving river consciousness.

Or is it? Is not the far fetched utopian ideal the very ‘vision’ we require to fuel our reason for existing in the first place? The battle for realism, no matter what is undermining the capacity for us to dream.

No dream, no vision.
No vision = blindness.

So next time you find yourself stumbling through a fast moving river version of your life, ask yourself where the nearest lake is and make time to sit by it and remind yourself of the view from the point of stillness. Go on, I know you can! You never know what you might see in those still crystal waters.

Just don’t jump in without a wet suit; these mountain lakes are freezing!

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