Time to get serious…kick ass healing blog post coming right up….

Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, I’ve had just about enough of this human condition! Illness can go and kiss my butt. I am done with being ill and all the associated shit that seems to tag along for the ride!

I see it everywhere I turn, in everyone I meet…what’s this?

‘Oh just another self imposed, unconscious, unexamined prison of a belief system that I’ve inherited from my Great-Great Grandmother that I don’t even know is ruining my very existence, but that I’ve come to see as ‘part of who I am’ because, you know, it’s been around so damn long that I kind of like it; like a stinky blanket that I’ve had since being a baby that I don’t want to wash -ever- because I’m scared it will fall to pieces….

‘Anyway it’s a family heirloom, and it’s part of the fabric of my miserable existence……so?’


So. I say quite methodically to ‘it’, embodied by overprotective ‘me’….no way!

Just like that…


‘No can do! Can’t do it to myself anymore. Vamoosh you limiting thought form, you rotton belief system, you….’.

I could be so much ruder if my manners and morals would allow…So, do it! Get rude, get nasty…

‘I…I….say to you you perforated piece of w***y belief system….’ not bad.

‘Go to H*** !!!!!’

Hmmmm, feelin it now, yeah….

Polietly, she tells her thought forms to go to hell and she imagines something like the scene out of Natural Born Killers as she hurls virtual light bullets through her machine gun of razor sharp realisation that without this ceremonial killing of the old, standing on tables and all for maximum dramatic effect, nothing will change!

No Thing Will Change!


What? Exactly. Without this destruction of that which is now defunct, she can no longer proceed along her path. This has to happen.

Thankfully, it’s all in her mind…..

Just like they said….


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