Light as a feather…well nearly…

Yay! I’ve got about eight or nine carrier bags all taped up (important tip for de-clutterers) by the door and ready to go to the charity shop tomorrow. It was tough but the moon was obviously in the right place because it was possible.

Many days I just go into a needy daze of attachment and can’t bring myself to get rid of anything. My nan (who lives with us now) commented on my endeavours saying I wouldn’t have anything left. I couldn’t explain how wrong she was. Not only have I got a tonne more clothing I’ve actually got some space too! ha!

Even my friend has got on the letting go path but she ruined it somewhat by offering me her dresser…oh now I’ve got to consider it and the possibilities of where it could go. I’ve still not sorted out the furniture collecting, obviously. But it’s all a jolly good start and I’ve got some new updated stuff coming from eBay this week to replace all the worn out stuff I inherited years ago.

Well I didn’t say I was going to achieve this overnight and anyway, minimalism isn’t about living with tatty stuff! Justify, justify. I’ll get over it one day.

Shopping Junkie

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