ART Collection: Space Beings & Imaginary Friends

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UV Tribal Bodypaint Studio Shots #HybridSkin #DigitalArt

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Snapshot; End of 2016: Stream of Consciousness ‘Happenings’ Word List…

So what has 2016 really been about for me? Here is a list which appears endless and in no particular order but will trigger memories as I write and re-read.

Pushing boundaries and buttons; Dealing with old emotions and learning to let them go (Letting Go, by David R. Hawkins) Music revival, overcoming limitations, revealing my [true] self, becoming whole, letting things be as they are, accepting myself, Dreams and dreaming, Shamanic practices; Owning my Shadow; Pushing the envelope; producing work; Showing work; Expansion; relinquishing fears;  Exploring Sexuality; Healing old wounds; Expression; Ego development; Going beyond ego; Accepting ego; Allowing personality; Medicine plants; Persistence; Perseverance; Projects; Flying; Feet on the ground, head in the stars; Websites, Technology, uses of technology, Boundaries with technology, turning it off, turning it on; Exploring Eroticism, Energy work; Fun; Friends; Social time; Jamming; Modelling; Painting, body painting, photography, film video, editing, aligning; Playing music and games; Imaginary stories; Inner travels; Seeing, Instruments; Talent; Practices; Spontaneity; Goals; Desire; Speaking up; Risking, YouTube, Vimeo; Apps; iPhone; Connections; Polyamory; Learning; Including, centring, focus, being peaceful, sharing; Home Education, unschooling; Difference; Troubadours; Singing; Voice; Chakras; Spirit Guides; People; Politics; Death, dying, caring, dementia, help; Reaching out; Asking (The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer); Chemistry, elements, Periodic table, Maps, globe, geography, children play dates, groups, Facebook, Patreon, intimacy, silence, health, cancer, accidents, sickness, tolerance, sacred space, energies, psychic activities, intuition, listening, heeding, responding, reactivity, time/ no-time, science, quantum knowing, quantum physics, engineering, fixing, mending, throwing away, decluttering, attachment, cleansing, toxins, food, responsibility, home, heart, feelings, positive, negative, magnetism, surrender, Redemption/Redemptive Love, service, emergencies, coping, perspective, support, choices, empathy, limits, rights, reprehensibility, celebrations, drinking, smoking, alcohol, nicotine, magic, mushrooms, walks, nature, connection, foraging, gathering, collective, tribes, gang, den, fires, wood burners, wood, axes, garden camping, collective, printing, t-shirts, clothes, style, mirrors, image, makeup, face paint, dance, trance, Shamanic journeying, autonomy, Spirit Guides, guidance, meditation, yoga, experimentation, states of mind, psychedelic, experiences, Art Exhibition, Dorset, arts, public, space, invasion, happiness, art business, discipline, marketing, failing, learning, winning……

Letting go.

Ah. That’s life Jim. But not as we know it… its’ just words. The love is in the living and I’ve been growing happier this year. All is well, and all manner of things shall be well.

Sail on into a new leaf of life….Blessed be in 2017. x

a red headed woman holds a seedling sprout and contemplates destiny
Spirit of Nature


Art Shaman Tee…

This is currently a one off. Organic cotton. Made to order if you like. £45. Message me.


When I Paint, I See Everything…

“When I paint

It’s like being at the event horizon
I don’t know what is happening next
Time is stretched out of shape
Into perpetual motion and profound stillness all at once
It’s very dark
But like the dawn before the sun kisses the horizon
There is hope;
I want to illuminate the darkness…”

This is early days for me, producing artwork, making video’s and getting back into myself after 5 years of being a first time parent with ME/CFS.
I’m not exhausted anymore, but I’m still playing catch up with myself. I’m not quite yet the person I want to be but I am definitely getting closer.

Support my work
Join me on my journey of discovery and healing. I don’t know what’s happening next… there is always so much going on.

“To meet one another through the arts is a sharing most profound and helps to cement our human likeness.”

Music is now firmly on my plate again and it feels amazing. There is a lot we need to get going in the way that I want but we’ve got half the kit and lots of commitment.
The art bobs nicely alongside the music and when I get deeper in I will quickly produce work. I intend to make videos on different things.. crazy art house stuff to informative instruction.

“Art is the antidote to conflict.”

Why support me? Well perhaps because I am one of those who know they are on the cutting edge… I’m on a life long journey, understanding the human psyche and how to fully connect with other humans, and our deeply divine yet wildish natures.


I healed myself, and am still in that process. In my twenties I experienced mental break down and spiritual emergence in the form of Schizophrenia… so I have a lot to say on mental illness, well-being, being sane and dealing with the madness that lurks within the deep dark places that we call ‘Shadow’.

I am these days, more than ever, acquainted with my Shadow aspects as a result of places I’ve been in my psyche, and I have some rare insights that need a structure and an outlet. Art, music, video…

The power of creativity can be deeply transformative, and I wish to bring my healing experience and understanding to my practice, giving something back to the collective in our endeavour to heal the human soul, and anneal the spirit.

Patreon is all about your support, and my being willing to give what I can to enrich your life. It means I am more free to focus on the artistic process and not the grind of making money… anathema to the artist.
Help me reach that wonderful state of immersion in the purity of the creative process and I will see what I can divine and return to you from the depths of the deep!


#ProfileAddict … Connect With Me!!

Hey! Thanks for coming back…

I’ve really lost focus over the past few weeks as the Christmas season kicks in, which is OK as it’s all part of the process of renewal.

We’re doing really well here at Art Central with new weekly music jam sessions now underway and recording potential just around the corner. It’s getting time now to start blending the art and the music, but that’s another blog post!

We have installed a wood-burner in the garage, as my partner and I live in a shared house with my Mother, my 97 yrs young Grandma and my sweet boy who is rising six. It’s a busy household now so it’s great to have an extra space for us to relax away from the busy thoroughfare which is our main living room.

My son watches YouTube a lot and is getting so much great learning as well as playing creatively on Minecraft, however, I don’t always like the massive intrusion it makes on my psychic space and silence, which is vital for creative focus. Perhaps now I can really get down to creating a time and place for more regular contact. Which is partly the reason for this post.

I’ve been struggling with overload as I am faced with my #profile addiction# having created so many different spaces on many different applications. I just love a good app don’t you?

Anyway, I thought I would make a seriously long list of all my profile pages. you are bound to find one that resonates with you, and it may be helpful to your own work/business promotion.

I have my fingers in so many pies, I’ve run out of fingers!

So here is my list, which I hope you will use to visit me in another place on the web.

I love all this connectivity, but at the same time it’s important to take time out for growth, development and deep recharge. As Christmas now looms I feel that old house keeping bug running around like a mad thing inside, forcing me to at least make an attempt of clearing out the clutter. That’s my intent for 2017 anyway; to streamline my projects, get my shit together and start developing some serious content that covers the following subjects:




Nude/Life Modeling/Photography/Digital Art


Personal Profile/Facebook


Daily/Frequent/Random Updates/Snapshots


Last Words…

Oh my goodness!!!!!… no wonder I’ve been going loopy. This is a great demonstration of how to scatter your energies. Don’t make my mistake, even though I am going to work with it, it’s a tall order for me to keep all these things running. Still, although it’s a tall order, I am going to work with it and see if I can streamline what I am doing and make good use of my platform profile addiction!

Every cloud has a silver lining so bring the silvery yellow lining into your cloud right now, and let it shine through the murky grey of any stagnant energy and let it carry you effortlessly into 2017


Merry Christmas and a bounteous New Year!!!!